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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Translation of the Roman Missal: Lets get on fire!!!!!

                  Roman Missal New and Improved Translation!!!

Hey Guys,
Follow the above link to read and study the new translation of the order of the Mass which should be implemented in November. Although the changes may be a little confusing at first, after careful reading i think you'll agree that they will certainly lead those "who have ears to hear" into a deeper contemplation of the central mysteries of our wonderful faith. The Men of the Cure of Ars will be presenting a talk on this new translation in November at our 3rd monday meeting so we, as the Men of our Church, may assist our Priests in implementing this new translation into full use. We can start by getting educated ourselves and readying our families privately.
Let us, grateful to Our Father Most Holy, offer a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving for this gift of a holy and enriching translation that will guide us into a deeper, intimate union with Him Who is God forever and ever. Amen.


  1. Men, After our core group meeting on Monday, I went home and took a fresh look at the new order of the Mass. I know people tend to resist change, but I think once believers realize the changes more closely reflect scripture, acceptance and desire for a deeper Mass experience will take hold (see annotated translation). This revision is goodness, being led by the Holy Spirit. -Ron

  2. I agree ron, the revisions are awesome and will force us to contemplate the central mysteries of our faith, the mysteries maybe we have grown a bit too familar with, on a deeper level.