"...I will show you the way to heaven."-St. John-Marie Vianney

Sunday, September 8, 2013

"PRODIGAL" The newest skit from the Men of the Cure of Ars


A Men of the Cure of Ars Production

October 8th, 2013

Cure of Ars Church

2323 Merrick Ave, Merrick
Entrance and Parking off of Hewlett Ave
Msgr. Leonard Hall
Doors open at 7:00pm

"from DEATH, to LIFE, through FAITH."

"Prodigal" is the story of a man, consumed with selfishness, who comes face to face and heart to heart with a mysterious sidewalk counselor outside Hempstead Planned Parenthood. This is a story of the unique and unrepeatable gift of human life. 

Free Admission. Refreshments will be served. Free Will offering will be collected.

Featuring Joseph Villafane and Anthony Gentile


Monday, January 14, 2013

Abortion In America...

January 23, 1973…
The Supreme Court of the United States of America throws down a decision that would set America
on a dark course destined to claim the lives of over 55 million of its youngest citizens.
For 40 years we have lived as a witness to the most brutal acts of violence known to mankind…
For 40 years our daughters and wives have been lied to by Planned Parenthood…
For 40 years the blood of children has been crying to the heavens for justice….
And on January 21st, 2013
The Men of The Cure Of Ars will take a step to fight back…

This is a time of GRACE…of FAITH…of ACTION….

This discussion, led by a member of the Cure of Ars Men’s Group and his niece,
who is a representative of the St. Gianna Center for Women’s Health and Fertility Care in New York City,
will expose the propaganda of falsehoods promoting contraception and abortion in America,
 and reveal the agenda of the American Eugenics Society and its influence on the amplification of abortion in America.
Most importantly the presenters will affirm the institutions already in place that truly perform all the women’s health care services
promised by the “Planned Parenthood” culture in a holistic manner consistent with its Catholic roots.
January 21st
Msgr. Leonard Hall
We will begin with a Rosary
Refreshments will be served.
(There will be NO graphic images shown during this presentation)